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Focusing on preventive care and Western medicine, Rogue Functional Wellness LLC delivers exceptional primary care services at budget-friendly rates. We are also your go-to wellness center in Medford, OR when you need reliable physical examinations.

Our office limits the number of patients we serve so that we can provide undivided attention for each one. When you deal with us, trust that we will go the extra mile to create a long-term relationship with you.

DOT Physicals – $100.00

Commercial drivers must undergo and pass physical examinations to be permitted to operate a vehicle. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) strictly regulates DOT physicals for the safety of drivers, and we closely follow their criteria. The tests we perform include those for your vision, hearing, and blood pressure.

Sports and Camp Physicals – $35.00

Before a student is allowed to participate in sports or camp, he or she must take a physical examination. We provide physicals for athletes and determine if it is safe for them to get involved in such activities.

Patient Health Information Portal

Our patients can read their health information online. To access your file, contact our office for a temporary username and password.

You can also download our forms and fill them out before your appointment. If we do not have your background information and medical history yet, please answer the new patient form as well and bring it when you visit us.


Health Care Solutions in Medford, OR
Physical Examinations in Medford, OR
Physical Examinations in Medford, OR - Rogue Functional Wellness LLC

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